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Thanks for visiting us

Thanks for clicking on my link - I appreciate it.

As you have come direct from a google search, I just wanted to say that you have done the hardest bit (seriously, well done) and I hope that you will carry on reading.


I am sure you have lots of questions so I have had a go at answering a few below

Can the Mind Mechanics really help?

The answer is yes; I can help you, there isn’t much I can’t help with, but here is a small list: anxiety, depression, relationships problems, abuse, trauma, self-worth, controlling partners, family issues, boundaries, grief and the list goes on and on.

What happens first? 

You book a free 30-minute session for free, it can be online or on the phone and we talk through what the issues are and why you are looking at therapy (or counselling – they are the same thing). We will look at what has happened and I will make sure you are safe during the first talk – a lot of clients are amazed at how far and deep we get in that first session.


At the end I will ask if you want to book another session and if you agree we will look at a plan on what we are going to look at; the whole process is with your consent and your pace, but we will find change for you.

How does the process work?

So, you talk and I listen and I help to uncover why you think the way you do and why you act the way you do – it might be obvious or it might be a complete mystery but we will find out why. Over 95% of what we do is instinctive and so for that 95% we don’t really have any decisions or control and that includes behaviours – the key is to find out why you do what you do and why do feel the way you feel.


Quite quickly our relationship will grow trust and the ability for you to say things out loud that you have never said to another human and with the knowledge and growing confidence that what we talk about will stay confidential.

How long will it take?

It is an excellent question and the one question I can’t answer with any honesty – I don’t know. It could be three sessions it could be years, but each session will be focused on you and the results you want. Most people have change within six sessions that allows them to get on with their lives.

How much does it cost? 

£40 a session (which last just over 50 minutes). It is paid for in advance via my website – no faffing and it is very easy to do.

I prefer face-to-face, is that a problem?  

I prefer face-to-face, is that a problem?  Not at all. I have a counselling room in a small business park just outside of Evesham in Offenham. It is quite and there is lots of free parking and because there are lots of businesses nobody knows where you are going. We also offer online if that is easier. 

What does the room look like?

Quiet, warm and comfortable

I have some more questions

No problem, at the bottom of these page is let's chat button just leave a message and I will comeback to you or click the link on our emails below. We want you to be happy and get as much information as you need, so ask away.

What's next?

Below this is a link to the booking form for the free 30-minute session. We ask for a few details and you will be sent a link automatically to the online session (don't worry if you want a phone call) and a confirmation of the booking. I look forward to speaking with you shortly.

  • Face-to-fave in Evesham, telephone or online - you decide

    30 min

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