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About The Mind Mechanics

I am a dedicated therapists driven by my deep desire to help people. My mission is to create a safe and accepting space where you can be yourself, free from judgment. I value your unique journey and are committed to working collaboratively with you, tailoring our approach to meet your individual needs.  

With years of experience helping people, I have cultivated a compassionate and empathetic approach to supporting individuals and couples on their path to healing and growth.

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I became a therapist when I (finally) decided that helping people was what I wanted to do, after years running a successful business and many career changes prior to that. 


I has been helping people for nearly 20 years within education, charities and the private sector so have faced most issues that people have.


'Therapy should be about getting change for the client as nobody deserves to suffer'.

Having worked extensively in education, engineering and then as a small business owner I have seen the importance of communication and emotional honesty.

My years of experience with helping people started as a teacher but them moved to the Samaritans, and has clinical experience includes St Richard's Hospice, helping teenagers in Coventry schools and for an agency who helps with employees who are struggling at work.

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