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Just shut up for once and be nice… or at least stop being so horrible

Stick with me on this one but for a big proportion of people I speak to they are pretty horrible to themselves. I am not talking about a sarcastic tut or an eye roll when something goes wrong; I am talking about severe and continued belittling, name calling and judgement way worse than their own worst enemy could muster and it means that anything they do wrong gets a punishment that is way beyond reasonable to almost being cruel.

This is sustained and damaging to the person as the punishment is coming from their own internal voice – that little voice which makes you worry, which makes you mistrust yourself and it is vicious. The voice knows how to use all your perceived weaknesses against you. The internal voice isn’t forgiving or kind, it isn’t reasoned, and it isn’t nice but, if it is the only voice you hear then after a while you will start to believe it.

It doesn’t stop there though, as once it gets going it makes every issue or problem into the proverbial mountain out of the molehill and then the real fun begins as it circles around and maybe brings in other areas to worry about and it goes around and around and around.

The person going through this, suffers and doesn’t get any rest and all they want is some peace and quiet, even for just a short period. However, if the place you are getting persecuted is your own head there isn’t anywhere to go, no rest bite – alcohol maybe, hours of mindlessly scrolling your phone or even prescribed drugs may work but the problem is they only give relief for a short period or end up causing different problems of their own.

So, it all sounds pretty bleak, you can’t shut your own internal voice, can you? Well, the answer is yes, you can through hard work and awareness. A disrupter that allows you to give yourself a break and allows you to be more reasonable with yourself, to be fair. This in turn means you aren’t constantly in your own head battling the demons.

It takes time and talking with someone like me, to find out where the issues come from in the first place and then some methods to stop the cycle and interrupt the thoughts, so you don’t repeat the same patterns countless times.

It isn’t easy and it isn’t quick, but can you imagine being able to actually sleep peacefully or sitting in your own head without the fear of being attacked. I think it is pretty easy to spot people like that – are they constantly on the go? Do they feel guilty for things that aren’t their fault? Are they able to truly relax? If not, then send them to me and I will help them get a little perspective and start to be reasonable and even fair to themselves.

I wonder what that would feel like for them… interesting is it?

Help is hear – seriously give me a call.

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