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We’re all going on a summer holiday…

… for a week or two – as the song goes. I want to talk about how you spend your time off; not exactly holidays but those moment when you get to sit and not have to do one of 12,000 jobs that are sitting on your to-do list.

How do you switch off? Is is facebook, ‘the gram’, social media or is a book and a glass of wine? What about sitting in front of the gogglebox and watching your favourite programme?

All these are great and allow you to unwind and be distracted but my real question is what happens if they are taken away?

Can you sit there and just be quiet? No internal voices, no commentary of what you haven’t done but with silence and peace. Give it a go for 30 seconds and see if you can actually sit still and not be interrupted or distracted?

I might have been a little unfair as it can take time to train yourself to ignore your internal voice but if you can’t then it says to me that something deeper might be going on. I would always suggest some mindfulness as a way of taking a few minutes and just grounding yourself.

What can be a sign that things are particularly bad is if your internal voices or emotions start to be overwhelming; that they get louder and louder or more manic while you sit with yourself, and it becomes uncomfortable for you to be with yourself.

If the internal dialogue never shuts up or is uncontrollable and you can’t ever shut off, then I would suggest that you might be exhausted and need some respite. If we take our mental health seriously then we should be able to sit with ourselves without getting disrupted.

I am not talking the kind of disruption that a 3-year-old provides when you can’t even go to the toilet without company. But, you need some rest from your mind and the fact that you can’t sit in your own head without it getting out of hand is an indicator that your rest and health are probably going to suffer for it.

If you use social media or anything that acts as a distraction from being in our own head for any length of time, then I would suggest it would be good to talk. We can help you to be calmer and less anxious. We even offer a free 30-minute session so you can see what it is like.

Give us a call on 01386 571 114 (Evesham) or 01905 671 264 (Droitwich)

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