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What is stopping you? Probably you if we are honest

I think it is a fairly common dream that when running a business, you will end up in a massive office surrounded by lots of busy workers and you get to have the odd meeting but generally you don’t really do very much except spend all the profits.


So why hasn’t it happened, what has stopped you from reaching your goals? I bet I can guess some answers; bad staff, economy, unfair competition, supply issues, poor marketing, etc, etc. But what happens if the real reason you haven’t gotten the succuss your efforts deserve is actually you?


I see business owners and managers all the time who can’t see what is stopping them is actually them. Their behaviours are the reason why things happen, and they can’t see it. Their staff can see it, their clients can see it, but they can’t and so nothing changes.


A good question is to ask yourself do you experience the same problems repeatedly? Do you get something sorted and then three months later the same problem appears? One of the businesses I deal with spent over £80k last year on poor performing new staff, they didn’t work and didn’t stay and was the real reason why growth was substandard.


During one of our business coaching sessions, we started to talk about staff and the fact that good staff were impossible to find, and they had tried ‘everything’. It didn’t take long for me to see that they just been doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. So many times that the staff who failed in 2023 numbered eight different people, so eight times the company failed but didn’t do anything different.


We looked at the process is some detail, and I suggested a number of ways of doing recruitment differently and so far, the results have been truly impressive. The new staff are matching the existing staff performance, they have stayed and are succeeding which means that the company can go for growth in 2024 instead of coping with the same problem of poor performance for the client and constantly trying to catch up.


We have more work to do, but that is one problem which we have proof that it works. I feel a real sense of pride being able to use from therapist skills and business experience to help good people get their good businesses into an even better position.


If you are dealing with the same problems repeatedly then maybe I can help. Give me a call.


Book a free 30-minute session for Business coaching

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