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Your anxiety should only last 90 seconds

A women worrying
If you are feeling anxious then maybe we need to talk.

It is natures way of telling you about danger

Science bit - anxiety is your bodies way of stopping you from beingeaten by Saber toothed tigers or from one of the millions ofcreatures that roamed the earth hundreds of thousands of yearsago. Your hypothalamus gets a message from your amygdala that itis has sensed danger and released tons of chemicals in to your blood to make you ready to fight or run away - after 90 seconds orso the chemicals are gone and you went back to picking berries or cleaning the cave - it worked, mostly but today, how is possible for us to be in danger and how can anxiety last so long. Well basically our brains tell us we are constantly in danger and so every 90 seconds or so it releases a new set of chemicals. But the question I have is unless you have been out in Evesham on a Saturday night when was the last time you actually faced danger, real life fight or flight danger? I would probably suggest not for a long time and that leads to the question of what on earth is going on with brain?

Say 'I am not going to be eaten' Very simple to say, but for numerous reasons your brain thinks you are in danger and it wants you to do something about it. It can be as simple as asking yourself the question next time you are feeling anxious- 'what danger am I in?' seriously give it ago and see what happens.

If that doesn't work?

Maybe you need to find some help, proper help to see what is making your anxious and to find ways of stopping the anxiety. This is where The Mind Mechanics comes in - bespoke therapy just for you. Give us a call or book a free assessment - just click below.

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