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How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Are your employees just not doing as well as they should? Do you want more?

These are two areas we have struggled with in the past; we need our staff to do better and they have shown signs of being able to, but then they go back to their old ways and bang! The same issues come back to haunt us. Or alternatively, we know they could do more but for some reason they just aren’t able.

The first performance problem is probably the most frustrating as an inconsistent employee is not a reliable employee. It can feel like they are not viable and can cause damage to the organisation when they are not performing, the second problem is exasperating and annoying and the employee can solve a problem for you if they just were… better.

Both problems may well be stemming from the same place – cognitive ability and there really isn’t a lot you or I could do about that. However, if it isn’t ability then it is probably going to be a mixture of outward behaviours that mask the real issues. Here are some signs that say something isn’t right.

Attitude, ‘they can’t be bothered’ is a classic, push away protection or they don’t show drive to succeed. Do you have any employees like that? Do you see glimpses that they do want to be successful but stop themselves? The ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude is one probably learnt from school; it protects you from asking for help, it means the teacher will stop asking your questions and it protects them from attention. Probably down to being told 1,000 times that you aren’t good at school stuff.

If your employee makes unusual decisions, this one is part of the inconsistent employee – they might have self-worth issues and fear of being seen as a failure. These might seem counter-intuitive but exhausting themselves by tying themselves in knots and trying to keep everyone happy means that they probably don’t keep anyone happy; most definitely putting themselves last.

It might be worth taking five minutes to ask yourself if you recognise any of these behaviours in your staff? I think that most people do see behaviours that just flabbergast you. If the behaviours are starting to make you question the employees’ futures, then maybe you should give us a few sessions to see if we can find out exactly what is stopping them from succeeding.

You might be thinking, well that is their private life and nothing to do with me, but how much is their issues affecting your business? Are mistakes or a lack of potential stopping you from expanding or causing your worry? We can’t promise a new employee who is faultless but what we can offer is a much cheaper and quicker solution than performance procedures, firing or making people redundant.

We have a clinical space just outside of Evesham or we can come to your offices so the impact on you and your staff is minimal, we can also provide sessions online, but we will focus on business and focus on getting the change you need.

Give me a call on 01386 571 114 or send me an email at to discuss what you need.

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